Why BYRON is A. (Plausible theory, please read!)

I never thought of it until I saw these pictures compared. Notice the capital ‘T’s. We all know that A wrote Ian’s suicide note. Also, Ali’s killer probably wrote Jason that ‘I know whaT you did’ note for a cover up. Also, in last night’s episode, ”Birds of a Feather”, we know that A wasn’t in Rosewood because no one got any texts and A was busy trying to hurt Caleb’s mom. Also, the flashback where Ali and Aria trash Byron’s office is kind of suspicious. I can’t help but think that those earrings were actually Alison’s or she put them there to fool Aria. Byron must have a thing for younger girls, because of his affair with one of his students, and Alison loved older guys. It’s crazy and creepy but it’s plausible. Byron could have killed Alison because she could have easily reported him for rape as she was way underage. It’s also strange that Byron and his family suddenly went away to Iceland as soon as Alison was murdered. I was a little disappointed with Byron’s reaction to Aria and Ezra telling them the truth. It seemed kind of acted, he should have punched him regardless of Mike beating him to it. Everyone points out that Ezra could be A because it’s clear Aria never gets as much abuse from A like Hanna, Spencer and Emily do. The handwriting similarity is uncanny and it puts a bright spotlight on him, I couldn’t believe it. 

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